In this section we show contributions based on scientific studies covering the topics financial markets, risk manangement and decision making under uncertainty in a very broad context. The spectrum which we cover here is meant to be broad and highly interdiscilplinary. This is also the reason why we show here, e.g., a contribution from the field of molecular biology investigating decision making under uncertaintiy already by the smallest living entities on earth.



OPIRO Sommer Read 2023
Faszination Unsicherheit - Warum ein Leben in Sicherheit Fiktion bleiben muss (in German)

Scientific article in the field of molecular biologie (2023):
Conrad B, Iseli C, Pirovino M (2023). Energy-harnessing problbe em solving of primordial life: Modeling the emergence of catalytic host-nested parasite life cycles. PLoS ONE 18(3): e0281661. 
This scientific contribution is inspired from problems of risk management in the financial markets.


OPIRO Essay Series Edition No. 3:
"The Mystery of Investing: Befriending the Dilemma"
by Monika Müller from FCM Finanz Coaching and Magnus Pirovino

OPIRO Essay Series Edition No. 2:
"The Basics of Investor Uncertainty: Value and Momentum are Complementary"
by Magnus Pirovino 

 OPIRO Essay Series Edition No. 1:
"The Basics of Market Uncertainty: Price and Quantity are Complementary"
by Magnus Pirovino

Short Research Note No.1-2013:
"Uncertainty relations of events: Position and event density are complementary in case of normal distributions."

Working Paper No.1-2013:
"How Can Knowledge Structures Determine Price Fluctutations? An Inquiry into Philosophy and Finance."

 Working Paper No.1-2011:
"What is the fair price for information in capital markets? Outline of a realistic aggregate capital markets theory explaining bubbles and trading away from equilibrium by means of Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism."


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